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Starting out your puppy on the right course

Many people have told me they are concerned about socialising their new puppies, especially during lockdown. They are worried that they won’t be able to meet other dogs or other people, and that their pups will miss out socialising and that will cause behavioural issues. Firstly, stop worrying! Think of your new puppy the same as you would an adopted child: the first thing your pup needs to do is build a relationship with you, to know that you are safe, where home is and not to run up to every stranger as soon as they see them. You are the most important person, everyone else should pass on by.
Socialising your dog is something you can do over time, the most important first stage is building your relationship with your new puppy. That way you will be able to get them to walk to heel, will have good recall and they will be more interested in you (and those with you) than in strangers and other dogs.
Let’s face it, much as we love the attention that strangers pour on our cute pups, we don’t want them being so super confident with others that they just walk off with anyone! And some folks don’t like dogs running up to them and smothering them in doggy kisses, no matter how cute we think it is.
To reiterate – step one is building your relationship with the pup, getting them to watch and listen to you and respond in the way you want.
We have a range of games to help you do this, to make you fun, to build good relationship and for new pup owners we will be running on-line courses to help you build your dog’s confidence in you so that when things do return to ‘normal’, your dog will be prepared and know that you are there to keep him/her safe and you are more fun than other people.
If you'd like to receive more support with your puppy, and learn about the games we use, please contact us.
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