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Our good manners fun classes have a max of 6 dogs in each class. Dogs of all ages and all breeds welcome. We use training bays in which you do your training games. You are safe and secure working around other people and dogs. Cost £120.00

Fun agility, for all breeds of dogs & all ages of handlers £85.00 for ten lessons 

Class progression awards to monitor your dog's progress, intermediate 10 lessons £80.00 

Scent work courses ( £130 8 week course includes scent kit) Follow on courses £100 for 8 week course. 

Kennel Club Good Citizens - Puppy Foundation, Bronze, Silver and Gold

Behaviour consultations suitable for excessive barking, chewing, digging, jumping up - (home visits or at our training centre)

1-2-1 sessions if you prefer to work alone £70.00per session 

Behavioural adjustment training.  A dedicated 4 week course for : Resource guarding, hunting, separation anxiety, lead reactivity to people or other dogs, mouthing, fear issues including sound sensitivity (fireworks, guns etc.) and phobia's.  4 x 45 minute sessions at our training centre £220. 

WaggyTails uses positive training methods, which basically means we use tit-bits & toys as lure using either and markers or clickers. 


All dogs at WaggyTails must be worked on a flat collar, please no check/choke chains or 1/2 checks as they are not conducive to our methods of training. However you will need a 6ft training lead. Harnesses may be worn but please also have a flat collar fitted on your dog. 

All classes are of limited size of max 6 -8 dogs. 

We also do one to one consultations on dog behaviour. Click here to find out more.

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