Coronavirus update: 8 July 2020

We had planned to reopen classes this week, however we wanted to complete all of the deep clean and repairs that are desperately needed and this would have been very difficult once we start classes. Everyone who was booked in to start classes this week should have been contacted.

Our new planned return to classes is Wednesday 22nd July. This should gives us enough time to complete all that needs to be done, and give us time to recover! We hope you will see a huge difference at Waggytails inside and out. We have had several volunteers who have worked extremely hard giving up so much of their time and energy to help us. This will see us going forward for many years with a cleaner, brighter future.

We will be limiting all classes to 6 dogs and allow one person to attend with the handler if they wish. We will have training pods that will give each handler a space to train, a chair for extra and to place coats bags etc. Whereever possible the class will be held outside; if the weather is bad and we need to use the hall we will have training bays to keep everyone safe.

Agility, no matter what the weather, will need to be outside in the sand area for the foreseeable future.

Each class will last 45mins to give the instructor time to wipe the clean the area etc, for the carpark to clear before the next class. When the more vulnerable wish to start returning to classes we will have a max of 4 handlers in a class allowing 1 extra person with them. Please contact Sheena when you are ready.

Meanwhile online classes are continuing, so your training need not stop! We hope you are all keeping safe and well and we look forward to seeing you all very soon. Thank you all for being so patient and understanding.

Sheena, Lisa & Liz ​

Training fees for online

We are using a “credits” system which your course fees already paid will be transposed to on line class credits.

The cost of new credits is as follows:

Each lesson will last approximately 30/40 minutes and have a max of 4 in the class and cost 1 credit.


New members.

Membership £10.

Second year £8

Each year there after £5.00

£50 for 10 credits. = £5.00 per lesson.

£80 for 20 credits. = £4.00 per lesson.

Each lesson = 1 credit.

New/outstanding fees can be paid by card or direct bacs transfer. Please contact us for how to make a payment. (Phone number at bottom of this page)

Private 1-2-1 sessions to discuss behavior modification or private training = 2 credits for 30/40minutes. These can be done by telephone or by video link. (preferred)

If you have more than one dog, or you wish to do more than one activity you can use your credits for any dog and any activity.

Fees already paid will be exchanged for credits.


Starting next week for those of you with 4 jumps tunnel and weaves I will be coming up with courses you can set up in your own garden and we will discuss how to do the course and do an online class to cover this.

We will continue with foundation agility for those without or make shift equipment.

Online classes:

We will also be making some videos this week for next weeks classes and when you book in to your class you will be sent a video link and back up notes on an exercise and we will then cover and practice together in your online class.

This way you will see the exercise, have it written down and you can refer to it as many times as you wish. 😊

Any questions please let me know and I will respond as soon as I can.

In addition to our online classes, if you are a member of Waggytails (anyone who signs up for a class is a member), you can join us online for training tips and ideas, one to one support, and group chat. 

To join the online group please go to or call Sheena on 07774 092593 or email

Waggytails will always put your health, and your dog's health, first. Stay safe, stay well.




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