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About WaggyTails

WaggyTails was formed in February 2002 by owner and chief instructor Sheena Tyrrell-Sheppard

Sheena does all the 1-2-1 and behaviour work.  All of the instructors at WaggyTails take part in an on-going training program, which involves attending monthly trainers meetings to cover all aspects of dog training. This is to ensure that all instructors, although they have different personalities, train using the same methods & commands.

Sheena has been instructing dog training classes since 1995 and achieved her KCAI (Kennel Club Accredited Instructor in Companion Dogs) in October 2006.  She has attended many dog training courses, health seminars, lectures & workshops.

WaggyTails Instructors:

Chief Instructor: Sheena Tyrrell-Sheppard KCAI (CD) 

Instructors: Lisa and Liz

We also have many others helping with the general running of WaggyTails and maintenance of the grounds and equipment.

WaggyTails uses positive training methods, which basically means we use tit-bits & toys as lure - reward & also clicker training.  Therefore a bag of tasty treats cut up small & a non squeaky toy are essential training aids. 

Our main method of training is playing fun games that build confidence, self control and trust, building a great bond with your dog.


All dogs at WaggyTails are worked on flat buckled collars, we do not allow choke chains or half checks to be used, as they are not conducive to our methods of training.  A harness or halti may be used, however you will also need a collar on your dog at all times. A flexi-lead is not suitable to train your dog in a class situation, a 6 foot training lead is best.  

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